And Additions

Love where you live but find your home no longer meets your needs? We can help renew your existing home with a high-quality renovation or addition.

From reviewing how you can take advantage of your block to adding an extra kitchen, bathroom and spare room, we can reconfigure your space to accommodate your evolving needs.


With a team of trusted local trades, we will listen carefully to better understand your vision and translate your goals in a detailed house plan. Together, we’ll bring your new design to life, reimagining your previous space into a home that reflects your perfect lifestyle

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At MRL Projects, we recognise that every home requires a different approach and we aim to provide a personalised experience for all our clients, effortlessly blending your home design to create the perfect balance between new and old.

We understand that it can feel overwhelming to consider making changes or even knowing where to get started.

With years of experience, we can confidently support your building journey and transform your home without compromising on style or function. With outstanding workmanship our dedicated team will create synergy between your latest addition and the unique beauty of your original structure.

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