MRL Projects

The Northern Beaches lifestyle is special – and no one knows this better than Murray Lewis.

Having worked on building sites across the local area for almost two decades, Murray Lewis has experienced it all – the sunny weather, laidback atmosphere, and stunning coastal views – and learnt exactly how to build a home that capitalises on these traits.

Since starting MRL Projects in 2014, Murray has used his comprehensive knowledge of the local area and eye for architectural design to create sophisticated homes that both embody and facilitate the enviable Northern Beaches lifestyle.

Our appreciation for seamless architectural design stems from a desire to create spaces that make the most of their coastal location. We specialise in elevating even the oldest homes with additions and renovations that marry striking sophistication with modern functionality.

We believe in the idea of building synergy – between your home, lifestyle, and location. As area locals ourselves, we understand how important a refined space is to leading a conscious and natural lifestyle.

As someone with a young family himself, Murray understands the importance of building a home that is equipped to evolve with your growing family. He also knows that sometimes, you just don’t have the time to oversee every minute detail of your build – and shouldn’t have to. His approachable and down-to-earth nature will give you full confidence in our ability to lead your building project from design to completion. Your time is incredibly valuable, and we’ll empower you to make the most of it by placing your build in our expert and trusted hands.


At MRL Projects, we believe that the best homes facilitate an effortless lifestyle – and the best builders provide a straightforward building experience.