Design And Build

As you’re building your dream home, there are multiple important factors to consider.

Our design and build service can help streamline this commonly overwhelming process, allowing you to achieve your unique vision without the unnecessary stress.


When you design and build with MRL Projects, we work with you directly from the start of your project through to completion of your new home. This exclusive service means we can understand your design vision in minute detail and plan your unique home with ease from the beginning.


Once you approach our friendly team, we’ll take care of every detail and keep you up to date as we make progress on your home. Our in-house architecture team will execute your ideas and work closely with you through the design stage – making sure your home is constructed within budget and with your dream lifestyle in mind.


Next, once we’ll obtain council approval on your building plans, organise contracts and begin constructing your new home. 

As we move through the stages of your build, you can be certain that every detail has been intricately considered and overseen under the one roof.

Creating your bespoke project with a design and build team allows you to have a single point of contact throughout each stage.

This means you will have consistent updates and a direct connection to your project manager if you have concerns or questions as your build unfolds. Rather than juggling two or three contacts, our design and build service allows you to build a meaningful relationship with our experienced team – providing a seamless building journey for all parties involved.

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